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My Works

The Golden Thread

The Golden Thread introduces Claire Delaney, an ambitious, idealistic, intelligent young woman called to be a nun. In eleven luminous stories sparked by subtle humor, Copeland explores the importance of friendship, the nature of religious ambition, the loneliness and joys of community life, and the troubling question of personal faith.

Strange Bodies on a Stranger Shore

Strange Bodies on a Stranger Shore is about women, about the life of the body and of the spirit, about forbidden relationships and the pain of reconciliation. There are no absolutes in this collection of stories, only a subtle understanding of humanity and the ever-present possibility of transcendence.

Season of Apples

In Season of Apples, Ann Copeland shows men and women of all ages wrestling with life’s changes and surprising themselves with their own sudden growth. She endows her characters with passion and thoughtful courage, and she tells their unique stories with her special brand of good humor.